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Mercedes-Benz Retail Group is the place where you can make things happen. Bring your passion and expertise to a career where you can help people find exactly what they’re looking for. Our London-based retailers are entirely owned by Mercedes-Benz and with 12 sites located in and around the M25, you’re never far from your next opportunity.


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PA to Sales Directors

Mercedes-Benz Retail Group

“If I were to sum up what it’s like to work for Mercedes-Benz in a few words, it’d be passion, integrity and excitement! Everyone’s committed to being the best and the pace is always full steam ahead, which means there’s never a dull moment here.

“But for me, the best thing about working here has been how much my confidence has improved. My training has really helped with my shyness as well. I used to find it quite difficult when talking to my colleagues and customers, but these days I don’t think twice about it.”

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Sales Manager

Mercedes-Benz Retail Group

“My team is made up of executives, managers, and experts who all want to do well. With our working culture of daily team sessions and sharing best practice, we’re all able to reach our goals every month.

“There’s no such thing as an ‘ordinary day’ here. The pace of work changes all the time, depending on what needs to be done. While the Company offers taught sessions on how we can improve and grow personally, the most important skill someone can bring here is the right attitude.”

Powered by our people


Facilities Co-Ordinator

Mercedes-Benz Retail Group

“I’m often asked for my input on creative tasks, such as how to dress the showroom and how to lay out our interactive screens. The fact our ideas are acted on proves that everyone’s input is valued.


“The uniqueness of the role is what attracted me here. Every business can offer a support coordinator role, but there aren’t many who can offer one like Mercedes-Benz. It’s also great that we can see where the business is going and how it will get there. I love that everyone throughout the Company feels fully involved in these plans.”

Our passionate culture

Our aim is to deliver the best, or nothing. Our people create a real customer focus, delivering customer delight through our products and services.

Through the doors of Mercedes-Benz Retail Group, you’ll find a passionate team of people upholding the values of Gottlieb Daimler: the best or nothing, Mercedes-Benz Retail has become synonymous with quality, excellence and efficiency.

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