My Mercedes-Benz: Laura Carmichael

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Laura Carmichael –

“How many opportunities do you get to carve out what
your career looks like?”

“I started at Mercedes-Benz on a one-year contract. Thirteen years later, I’m still here. I’ve had different roles here but when I moved into Project Management, I knew I’d found my passion. Driving things forward and making things happen – that’s where I get my energy from.

“I’m now a Retail Transformation Manager at Mercedes-Benz Cars, and it’s really exciting. I get to spearhead our move towards the Agency model, which is going to be massive for the automotive industry. My job is cross functional and collaborative; there’s no blueprint for it because it’s not been done before. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to carve out exactly what I want my career to look like in a brand that I love. You’ll get as much support as you want and need to develop here, but you need to seize opportunities for yourself, too.

“One of the best things about working here is the people. We’re all clear on our objectives and people support each other because we’re working towards the same goals. As a global organisation, it might be surprising that such a feeling of team unity exists, but it really does.

“If you’re considering a career at Mercedes-Benz, I’d say do it. Take the plunge. And don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

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