Life as... a Data Fellowship Apprentice

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Timothe gives us an insight to his role as a Data Fellowship Apprentice

My role ... 

Data Analyst Apprentice within Network Performance & Insight.

My day to day tasks consist of ... 

I am currently focusing on the Customer Satisfaction Index programme for the UK Market this means downloading and uploading encrypted files of feedback from our customers into our internal cloud. This also involves populating documents and graphs, which provide year-to-date averages. I evaluate these files to make sure they are accurate and from there I provide insight to my team on any current trends with customer satisfaction. This is crucial with our transition to Agency Model so we understand exactly how our customers feel … so far so good! I also manage the Network Operations KPI Report, which is shared internally on a monthly basis.

What do you love about your apprentice programme? 

I really enjoy the working environment here at Tongwell. The team are great and they are always looking to give me a helping hand. Despite being the youngest in the team, and an apprentice, I’ve been given equal opportunities to express myself and take ownership of tasks.

How does your apprenticeship encourage you to 'Think-Future'? 

HR have set up a forum with the new cohort of apprentices to collaborate and explore ways that we can provide information to future new apprentices regarding various different departments. This allows them to ask any questions they may have regarding their transition from school to the corporate world. At Tongwell, we also have a numerous ‘farmhouse tables’ around the office where we are able share our laptop screens to the monitors and work collaboratively.

Why is learning and developing at work important to you? 

I learn and develop every day in the office as well as my Multiverse course that develop my data skills further. I have completed various different online trainings on Excel and other software that we use here at Mercedes. Working in the office as much as possible is vital for me, as I am able to take part in informal business discussions; this isn’t always as easy when working from home, which is why flexible working here at Mercedes is a great benefit.