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Our HeadSTART Degree Apprentices give us an insight into life at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

The HeadSTARt Apprenticeship Programme offers a fantastic opportunity for those looking to kick-start their journey into the world of work. As well as working full time on a rotation of six-month placements around the business, apprentices also spend the three-year programme studying for a degree in Business Management at Birmingham City University.

We recently caught up with some of our current apprentices to discuss their experience of the HeadSTARt Apprenticeship Programme. Here is what they had to say…

What areas have you rotated into as part of your apprenticeship? 

“I’m Harry Mundye and I’m coming to the end of my final year on the Apprenticeship Programme. Over the past three years, I have rotated into Dealer Services, a Restructure Taskforce, Wholesale Finance, IT Management, Learning & Development and Quality & Operational Excellence. These departments have given me exposure to different areas of the business and have recently enabled me to secure a full time position as Executive Assistant to the Sales & Marketing Director - I’m really looking forward to this next phase of my career thanks to the programme.”

“I’m Amy Gilbert and I am nearly at the end of my second year of the programme. Within the two years I’ve been working for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services I have had the opportunity to rotate into areas such as Marketing & Communications, Commercial Vehicle Direct Sales, De-fleet & Returns Programme, and Internal Communications. Rotating departments every six months has really helped me gain a huge understanding of the business as a whole, which is useful for the future!”

In your current rotation, what do your day-to-day tasks consist of? 

“I’m Victoria Filipek and I’m a first year apprentice, currently working within the Customer Resolutions department. My day consists of managing the team inbox and assigning items to the appropriate cases so that the case handlers can manage the complaint and get the best outcome for the customer. My day is really varied as the inbox receives emails from a wide range of people and organisations, including customers, the Financial Ombudsman Service, solicitors, and Retailers.”

“I’m Amy Smith and I am in my last year of the HeadSTARt Apprenticeship Programme. I’m currently working within the IT Management department which I really enjoy as my work changes day-to-day in line with project demands. I work closely with the Project team to monitor risk, progress and ensure communications are accurate, all of which allow me to directly support the organisation.”

What do you love the most about your role as a HeadSTART Degree Apprentice? 

“I’m Hamed Quraishi and I’m in my first year on the degree programme. I love the culture here at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services as it makes me feel comfortable and valued, which is a key factor for my motivation! I love that I have the ability to network with a variety of colleagues from across different areas of the business. I also love the flexibility of hybrid working and the many opportunities for personal development when rotating around different departments.”

“I’m Joel Lockey and I’m a second year apprentice. I love the programme because it provides great exposure around the business. The opportunity to work in six different departments over the three years is fantastic for networking and to fully understand all areas of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and how we operate successfully – an opportunity not many get to experience.”