A closer look at our culture

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At Mercedes-Benz, we’re passionate about what we do. Our people are at the heart of our business and together, we’re building a sustainable future

Our culture is important to us, it makes us who we are and most importantly, it is based on a shared experience. 

We have a culture that is built on trust and appreciation, where colleagues can express themselves, be open and provide honest feedback. We collaborate, communicate and respect each other in an environment where everyone is recognised for the contributions they make. We embrace diversity and celebrate that we are all individuals with our own stories and our own backgrounds – recognising this improves our conversations and broadens our perspectives. 

We act with integrity and believe that honesty and transparency are vital elements of our culture.    

Our talented teams are motivated and motivate each other to excel every day. We are resilient and support one another through challenging times, taking time to celebrate our successes.  

We’re proud to promote a shared experience where everyone’s contribution is valued. That’s why our Cultural Themes exist. Led by our colleagues, they focus on some of the key aspects of our culture.

Here, our colleagues talk about what it’s like to be part of our culture.

“Being involved in any of our Cultural Themes provides so many opportunities. There is the chance to be part of a cohesive, dynamic and passionate team, with the shared desire to make a difference to the lives of our colleagues and those within our community. By colleagues donating a small amount of time – even if it is 30 minutes – to provide us with some feedback on what we could do more of, what they may like to see less of and, of course, what is working well, we can use that insight to continue delivering and prioritising based on colleague needs. Of course, if a colleague can spare more time, we have so many ideas and opportunities – we love the support of our passionate colleagues to get them moving and managing them.”

“My passion for the topics covered in Sustainable Inclusion is simple. I am passionate about colleagues knowing that they are seen, heard, supported, valued and embraced by our organisation. It is crucial that colleagues know that they can be their authentic selves at work and they can do so without fear of judgement. I am also passionate about harnessing the skills we have within our organisation to make a difference within our local community.”

“Feedback culture is fundamental to an open and transparent organisational culture. Feedback has the ability to not only support colleagues in their development and learning, but also motivate and encourage. I am passionate about this topic and understand how critical it is to not only provide feedback, but to provide it correctly. Feedback in its developmental sense presents an opportunity to a colleague to grow and learn, it needn’t be the panic-inducing conversation we often perceive it to be… but it is all in the positioning. Recognition is so rewarding and can provide motivation in spades, but sincerity and consistency is the key. It isn’t just about financial recognition either, saying thank you should be a part of our daily language, continuing to build one another up, particularly when times are tough.” 

What our people have to say...