Data Fellowship Apprenticeship

Innovative career opportunities

Businesses rely on data to innovate and grow. Our Level 4 Data Fellowship programme supports apprentices to become confident data analysts, turning data into insights that help organisations make decisions.

In this two-year programme, apprentices will get involved in day-to-day activities across Mercedes-Benz and have exciting opportunities to put their learning to good use in future-focused and innovative ways.

Entry requirements:

  • A UK/EU/EAA resident for at least three years before the programme start
  • Have at least a grade of 4 GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English
  • Not previously studied the course content
  • Not undertake any other qualification during the apprenticeship
  • The right to work in the UK

Sydney Mukhwana, Specialist Apprentice

Sydney shares how Mercedes-Benz is helping him learn on the job with a Specialist Apprenticeship

What’s your current role and how long have you been with Mercedes-Benz?

“I’m currently a Data Analyst within the Digital Transformation Team – a role that I’ve been in since December. I’m a Level 4 Fellowship apprentice which is provided through Multiverse, a start-up that provides specialist apprenticeships, including my data-driven fellowship.”

What does an average day look like for you?

“I look at data from our Online Showroom, where stock is compiled, using Google Analytics to measure what cars people are looking at as well as what devices and browsers people are using, providing key stakeholders with valuable information so we can benchmark it."

“My days vary, I’m never just sitting around. My mornings see the team running me through any issues or bugs before continuing to see what fixes we need to make and if there have been any changes to the site.”

Mercedes-Benz has a supportive culture, with my team pushing me to learn and be the best I can be”

Why did this apprenticeship appeal to you?

“My original plan was to go straight to university after sixth form, but I realised that the normal route maybe wasn’t for me and I saw an advert for this apprenticeship through Multiverse on social media.

“Before applying, I had a look at the Mercedes-Benz careers site, and it was really motivating to hear from people like me who had left sixth form and find out about the type of support I was able to get.”

What attracted you to Mercedes-Benz?

“I’ve always had a love of vehicles and cars and a strong interest in technology, so when I saw the apprenticeship, it was an opportunity to merge these passions.

“The business has really given me a chance to learn and progress – there’s a supportive culture around the business, with my team pushing me to learn and be the best I can be.”

Has anything surprised you about coming to Mercedes-Benz?

“I had the preconception that it would be a really corporate atmosphere, but I was completely wrong. Everyone’s friendly and takes the time to make each other feel welcome, there’s signposting to support and it just makes it a lovely place for people to come, especially for their first career role.

“I would highly recommend the apprenticeship to anyone who might not think university is an option for them. It’s a different route and an opportunity to learn whilst working full time, meet new people and gain new skills that you might not otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got more questions about our Level 4 Data Fellowship Apprenticeship, take a look at our Early Careers FAQS.

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